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Welcome to the Eye Life Institute, your center of excellence for ophthalmology vision care. Located in Paradise California, Eye Life provides specialized medical, surgical, and laser eye care to enhance, protect, and preserve eyesight for patients throughout the area.

Eye Care and Surgery

Eyesight is precious and Eye Life is dedicated to the best in specialized care for your eyes. Our highly skilled eye physicians and staff are committed to bringing you excellence in eye care. As part of that commitment, our eye surgeons - board certified ophthalmologists - are truly among the most experienced in their field.

Meet Our Physicians
David J. Gajda, MD
 Ophthalmologist, Physician & Surgeon

Jerome W.H. Niswonger, MD, MPH
Ophthalmologist, Physician & Surgeon

 Marina Rocchi, O.D.
Doctor of Optometry
Convenient location to serve you
Your phone calls are important to us. Every question you have whether medical or administrative deserves an answer. If you need to speak to one of the physicians by telephone, the staff will arrange a time.

Paradise, California: (530) 877-2020
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